This is an unfinished work-in-progress!
Nation Generator
Size 6 - moderate 5-20mill
Resources 13 - oil & precious metals
Organisation 7 - somewhat urban
Tech Standard 8 - years behind standard
Heavy Industry 8 - moderate
Political System 03 - constitutional monarchy
Government Legitimacy 8 - very legitimate
Government Popularity 7 - quite popular
Religious Standing 7 - major religion not common in region
Rule of Law 7 - corruption is accepted but infrequent
Cultural Coherence 9 - extensive
Allegiances 9 - patron state
Pressing Concerns 18, 40 & 74 - organised crime, separatists & trade embargo
Timonistan is home to 10 million people, the vast majority of whom are devout Orthodox Christian. Despite infrequent corruption cases, the Christian Democrat government remains popular although the muslim seperatists of the northern Sarabi region claim religious discrimination and persecution - allegations that they are behind the violent organised crime that plagues the country are believed by the Christian majority. Purporting to support the seperatists, the USSR & its allies are boycotting trade with Timonistan. However, King Colgar VI, head of state of Timonistan, has used his close personal ties with many officials in the British government - he was educated at Eton and Cambridge - to ensure that Britain and her allies remain trading with his country.

Military Generator
Tactical Doctrine 4 - defensive positions
Air Force Focus 2 - ground support
Air Force Status 3 - very limited
Air Force Modernity
Armour Focus 9 - heavy tanks
Armour Status 8 - moderate
Armour Modernity -3yrs
Elite Units 8 - guards
Weapon Source 16 - United Kingdom
Support Level 8 - reasonable support
Training Level 9 - solid training
Morale Level - 17 (determined; rolled 13; legitimacy +1, popularity +2, coherence +1)
Most of the military equipment used by Timonistan has been supplied by the United Kingdom, while a lot of the personal equipment and consumables  - e.g. ammunition - are made in Timonistan. The standing army is a well trained volunteer force, modelled on the British army. An ongoing program of National Service ensures that there is a large pool of (semi-)trained reservists to back up the army in time of need. The elite of the army are the 3 Royal Guard regiments: 'The King's Own', 'The Queen's Dragoons' and 'The Lifeguards'.

Colour Scheme
CdA = Coat d'Arms
Vehicles: base colour: CdA Horse Tone Dun; camo stripes: CdA Red Brown
Infantry: base colour: CdA Horse Tone Dun; helmet: CdA Red Brown
Aircraft: undecided

Organisations  - updated 06-Oct; updated HQ
Tank is Conqueror, APC is Saracen, armoured car is Saladin, Carrier is Universal Carrier, ACV is "Dorchester" Armoured Command Vehicle
  • Headquarters (Tank, APC, Carrier, armoured car, 2 ACV)
    • Scout section: 3 Carriers
    • FAC: Carrier
  • Armoured Company;
    • 2 HQ bases, each Tank & 2 Carriers
    • 4 platoons, each: 3 Tanks
  • Mechanised Infantry Company
    • 2 HQ bases, 1x ACV & APC, 1x Carrier & infantry
    • 4 platoons, each:
      • 2x APC & infantry section
      • 1x APC & support section
  • Armoured Recce Company
    • 2 HQ bases, each armoured car & 2 carriers
    • 4 platoons, each: 3 armoured cars
  • Support Company
    • HQ base
    • Mortar Battery
      • HQ base: APC & 2 Carriers
      • 3 Sections: each 2 towed 120mm Mortar, 1 MFC in Carrier
    • Anti Aircraft Detachment
      • 3 Sections: towed 40mm Bofors

  • Air Force - Timoni Air Guard (TAG)
    • Ground Support - Super-Tsetse (uprated MK XVIII Mosquito)
    • Enemy Interdiction - F86E Sabre